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Readers Respond: What Has Been the Hardest Part of Successful NFP (Natural Family Planning)?

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Updated August 09, 2011

Many couples turn to NFP (natural family planning) as their contraceptive method. NFP can be an effective birth control method when practiced correctly. Unfortunately, some couples find themselves experiencing NFP problems. Fertility awareness methods, like natural family planning, require commitment and discipline. Couples usually need to undergo NFP training and both partners need to be willing to cooperate.

If you use NFP, what have you found most challenging about this method, and how have you overcome those obstacles? What NFP problems have you or your partner experienced? Have you found any pitfalls to avoid when using fertility awareness methods?

Know When You Ovulate & Seek Training

My husband and I have been relying on NFP for the last 3 years because I cannot use any hormonal birth control options. Our biggest NFP problem was accurately predicting when I ovulate. It took several months (and some professional help) before we were able to determine a reliable ovulation pattern. We also decided to get training from a person certified in NFP, which I highly recommend. She really helped us to figure out my cycle and to feel comfortable with this method. My husband was not on board, at first, which was also a problem. The instructor helped counsel him and teach him how he could help me.
—Guest Joy

Finding the Right NFP Method

I have used various forms of Natural Family Planning for the entirety of my 5 year marriage… We have settled into a definite routine of it now, but it did take a long time to get comfortable with it and really get the method that we liked the best figured out. It is for this reason that I applaud you for including these various methods on your pages as it is actually a rewarding experience once a couple gets it figured out.
—Guest MB
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