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Readers Respond: What Factors Lead to Your Decision to Use the Pill?

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Updated June 06, 2010

The pill (oral contraceptive) is one of the safest, most effective and popular birth control methods. There are combination pills, progestin-only pills and extended cycle pills (to skip periods).

What factors lead you to use the pill? Did you want a contraceptive that allows for sexual spontaneity or high effectiveness? Did you decide to use the pill to lower your PMS (or PMDD) symptoms, reduce your acne or skip periods?

Whatever your reason (big or small) for choosing to use the pill, please share. Reading about your pill decision may help other readers decide whether or not they want to use the pill. So, what lead to YOUR decision to use the pill?

To Prevent Pregnancy

I chose to use the pill once I met my boyfriend. I was on the pill for three years (three different brands over the course). During that time, the pill was effective as I have never been pregnant.

It's Effective

We chose to use the pill because it works! No desire for having children at the moment.
—Guest pregnancy quiz

Ease the pain

I started taking birth control pills to help regulate my periods. I used to have lots of pain, heavy bleeding, and horrible PMS. The pill has helped with all three issues and it has cleared up my acne!! I am so glad I decided to start the pill even though I have my tubes tied, it's definitely has improved my life!!
—Guest Yborboa

To Treat Dysmenorrhea and Mittelschmerz

I used to have very severe dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) and Mittelschmerz (painful ovulation). The hormone therapy in the pill treats both of these conditions. The contraceptive aspect is just a handy side effect, the real reason I take the pill is to prevent agonizing pain twice a month!

Give Me the Power!

My mother insiisted that I begin using the pill when I left for my first year of college. She explained to me that just incase something happened (like date rape) or if I made a careless decision (maybe due to drinking), that I would be protected. I am glad that I followed her advice. I try to be careful because I know that the pill doesn't protect against STDs, but its nice having the peace of mind knowing that I am protected against pregnancy.
—Guest Stephanie

Pill to Regulate My Periods

My doctor recommended that I use the pill to regulate my periods. My menstrual cycle was so unstable - lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Once I began using the pill, i got my period at the same time each month... this made it SOOOO much easier to plan for things :-)
—Guest Lanie

Use the Pill to Skip Periods

I wanted to use the pill because of its high effectiveness. I eventually chose to use Sesonique because I love the idea that this extended cycle pill allows me to skip periods and only have 4 periods a year. Deciding to use the pill was not a hard decision - picking the pill that was right for me was easy once I discussed my various pill options with my doctor.
—Guest Charlotte
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